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Auto/Car Locksmith Services

All cars might look exactly the same for some, the locking system is different between each model and make. On the same car, our auto locksmith in west palm beach would use another method to open the car, based on the situation. If the car is running or not, if the keys are visible and easy to reach or not, this might include lock system, button & handle condition. He'll be able to visually inspect the situation and give you an estimate before he starts working, once our car locksmith arrives.

Auto Locksmith

Unlock Door Car/Auto Locksmith

A simpler method we use to unlock cars is by using an air pillow, similar to a blood pressure pillow utilized to wrap round the arm and inflate with air utilizing a hand pump. It's called an aura-Wedge, when deflated it's really thin and what we should do is insert it in to the seam between the car frame as well as the car door. Once it's deep in, we inflate it with air, creating a gap of about a finger width, which is just enough room to maneuver a huge-EZ locksmith rod, that has either an angled end or perhaps a hook end, that allows us to unlock the automobile from your inside by pushing the unlock button, pulling the handle from your inside, or fishing the keys. A few more creative ways to unlock an automobile is simply by decreasing the windows either using the power window button or manual roll down. Same way is used to unlock trunks, using the trunk release button or trunk release lever.

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The best way to open an automobile door is by using the air-wedge, inserting it in to the small gap from the door, pumping it with just a little air, not very much therefore it doesn't bend the doorway or crack your window, so when it pries the door open pretty much an inch wide, you insert a metal rod in, and click on the ability locks or hit the unlock button and that's it, you're in.