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Residential Locksmith Services

The number one reason customers call a locksmith in west palm beach is when they are locked from their home, this is exactly what we call a House Lockout. Usually it's when you lock the door knob from your inside, and close the door behind you, and then all of a sudden you realize you forgot your keys inside!

This sort of thing can occur to anyone, it's an automatic action we do when leaving, I do it myself, as I'm leaving my home, when I'm already a foot out, I just twist the small part on the rear of the doorknob and close the door. I've gotten locked out myself when in a rush, or if I was distracted, or had my hands full. I know the feeling of that first second you realize you forgot your keys, even though i always have a spare key in my wallet so no harm done.

Residential Locksmith Services

Broken Key Extraction

Besides, house lockouts, many service calls are for key extraction from the door lock, usually deadbolts. It happens when you mixed up the keys and tried turning the lock with the wrong one. Alternatively, if the lock is stuck.

It also happens that you just lost or forgot your keys at a house of a friend or family. Alternatively, at work and it's already after hours and too late to get the keys. Give us a call and we'll be glad to help you unlock the door and get you back in if you misplaced your keys and can't get into your house.

Different Methods Of Unlocking Door Locks

Here in west palm beach Locksmith we have a few methods for unlocking a door knob or unlocking a dead bolt. Probably the most ancient methods for unlocking, is actually lock picking. With a set of tools we try and mimic the action of a vital, that is when you insert it, the cuts on the key, having different depths, match different length metal pins inside the lock, so when each one is aligned correctly, they allow free spinning motion of the tumbler inside the cylinder, allowing us to actuate the lock mechanism by turning it. It isn't really complicated, but I'll explain about it in a separate blog post later on.

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Lock picking is not extremely difficult, but it does require some practice and skills. Most locks are pickable, depending on the type of lock, keyway and level of security, but some just can't be picked, especially the new smart keys which have a new system.

If lock picking is unsuccessful, we still have a few tricks under our sleeves. One of the ways is by using exactly the same air-jack we use to open up car doors. If the doorknob is locked, this will not work on a locked deadbolt, we can use this technique only. We insert it in to the door frame close to the door latch, and pump it up, trying to create a gap wide enough so that we are able to make use of a screwdriver to push the latch back in, and open the doorway. It lets us in nonetheless , even though this doesn't actually unlock the door.

Utilizing the method above is achievable only in some instances, in which the door isn't sitting too tight within the frame, mostly in older doors in which the door hinges are already loose, giving us the room to use the air-jack.